The iPad Will Support Flash (one day)

Apple Vs FlashUsers that own the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad know the limitations as well as the endless application of their gadgets. I’m not going to write about that (there’s enough about that on the internet). I’m here to offer an opinion on an issue that’s been coming up every now and then. The issue is that Safari on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad does not support the Flash player.

The internet is full of flash based websites. Games, animations, applications, and interactive sites are created in a rich media that is visually stunning with endless possibilities for designers. Flash is rising in popularity and continues to grow now that it’s under Adobe.

Apple is clamping down on their support for Flash. The claim it’s due to security reasons that Adobe has to fix in their Flash product.

I think that’s bullshit. and here’s why Read more of this post


SeaWorld Killer Whale Should be Put to Sleep!

Why is SeaWorld keeping their whale?

It’s a sad thing to hear when anyone loses their life doing something they love. Recently on the news we heard about an incident involving a killer whale and it’s handler Dawn Brancheau. The latest bit of news I read about this is driving me a little insane and maybe someone can help me understand this better. I read today that SeaWorld is deciding to keep the killer whale that killed Dawn Brancheau in a freak incident where she was dragged underwater. (SeaWorld to keep orca –

WHY? Why are they keeping this dangerous whale at SeaWorld? They say they’re going to change how handlers deal with the whales and prevent them from petting it. Really SeaWorld? What if this animal was a dog, a wolf, or even an Elephant? Wouldn’t those animals be put down? What gives SeaWorld the authority to determine if this whale shouldn’t be put to sleep or not? Read more of this post