I Don’t Want Exercise!

I have an issue with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Since the Wii came out, and nowadays the Playstation Motion, and Microsofts Natal, I’ve formed an opinion about them all. The Wii was a gimmick. Something new, something fun, something cool. The Wii let you flail your arms, rotate your wrists and do all sorts of things with it that you couldn’t do before. Then, this magical motion control started to wear off for me. I started to get tired of standing up to play and swing my arms and shoot imaginary zombies.

Then Playstation and Microsoft saw this and needed something like that to tap into this Read more of this post


Health Promotion Fail

Adventures in Sex City characters. Notice Captain Condom on the right.

I ran across this game called “Adventures in Sex City“. It’s an online flash game created by the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

Their goal is to “promote wellness, prevent disease and injury, and protect the public’s health through the delivery of public health programs, services & research“. That sounds pretty noble, until I saw this freaking game they created.

It’s supposed to be used to educate people about safe sex. Isn’t that just great for today’s youth? Learning something helpful while playing a game. So smart, yet the execution of this was TERRIBLE!!! Read more of this post