Soccer World Cup Lessons Learned

Thank you for the good times World Cup 2010

The soccer world cup is over. After over a month of matches, the conclusion was a 1-0 victory for Spain over the Netherlands in a long, painful and draining match for both sides. Congratulations to the Spanish team for their victory.

Now that it’s over, there are many lessons learned from the world cup this year, and I’d like to share a few with you that I’ve learned throughout….

  1. The officiating was terrible: Or so say the losing teams. There were so many bad calls and so many mistakes by the referees that it potentially have caused teams to lose. One thing is certain though, the refs don’t take shit from any player. You mess with them and your ass is out. How many yellow cards did Netherlands get in the final match? Too many that I stopped counting at one point.
  2. Vuvuzelas are annoying as hell: This world cup was void of chants, country pride, and cheers. Why? Vuvulelas drowned everything out. I hope that the next World Cup is void of this so we can go back to regular chanting, bad mouthing, and screaming at the players on the field.
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This is How Lost Will End

Lost is what happens to you when you watch the show.

All you Lost fans, this is the biggest spoiler on the earth for you. I’m about to tell you how Lost ends. Yes. I figured it out while I was playing backgammon with my friend the bear who came to visit me for the weekend, while I was staying on a little Island off the coast of nowhere.

I’ll try to explain this as simple as I can.

Locke (the fake Locke, aka MIB) found a loophole that let him kill Jacob, and on his way to get his freedom by winning this game that never ends. We all think that Locke tipped the balance of this game and he’s on his way to win/lose the damn thing because apparently it’s been a tie for thousands of years.

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