Facebook back again!

That was pretty darn quick. Facebook must really have some smart ass developers to fix their stuff up. That or, Zuckerberg tripped on something.

Either way… now I can update my status that Facebook is up. Which I won’t do by the way.


How do I update my Facebook status that Facebook is down?

This is a temporary thing. 100% it will be back up.

You might have realized by now that Facebook is down. Just by going on to their website, you’ll get an error. So, what’s the first thing that popped in my head when any cataclysmic event aroud my life has occurred? Update my Facebook status. In this case, the same happened, then I realized… Crap! I CAN”T!

What do we do now? I don’t know. From the Down Right Now website  http://downrightnow.com/facebook (it indicates that the service has been disrupted. What does it mean? No clue. Is it a bug? Is it maintenance? Who knows.

We can even go as far as the conspiracy route “Zuckerberg donates $100 million to Newark public schools from money by selling Facebook.”

Whoah whoah whoah…. what? He’s donating $100 million to Newark public schools? I sometimes think he’s the devil and Facebook is pure evil, but that just makes up for it all. That’s alot of cash baby.

Rest assured though, your trusty and favorite social media network will be back online in no time. So don’t panic. All those animals in Farmville won’t die of starvation, and no one’s Mafia will assassinate you in the meantime. So sit back, hang tight, and do something more productive for a change.

Google TV – A new way of thinking about TV entertainment

Google TV

A replacement for cable? Time will tell

Google being a powerhouse in the IT industry is always looking to extend it’s reach in many areas (communication, advertisement, social networking, gaming, etc…). Some have succeeded like search, email, advertising, and others not so much like Google Wave (depending on who you talk to).  One area that they’re now tapping into is TV. In May, Google announced one of their latest innovations called Google TV. (Click here to view announcement)

Simply put, it’s TV from the internet. In Fall 2010, Google is going to launch Google TV in collaboration with companies like Sony, Logitech, Intel, and the Dish Network. They want to change the way people think about TV. Instead of looking at programs that are scheduled at certain times defined by networks, Google wants users to be able to search/browse through their TVs for programs that they wish to watch.

This is done through one of two ways:

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Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter Review

iPad VGA adapter

This is what it looks like hooked to your iPad

Having moved recently into my new place, a decision was made not to get cable TV. I’d hardly watched any programs anymore, and most of the shows that I do watch is available to me online the next day.

One thing I didn’t get rid of is the internet. In this case,  I own an iPad and I like using it alot and in many ways it has replaced my laptop when it comes to quick browsing. When I need more heavy lifting, like Photoshop, application development, or whatever, I stick with my trusty laptop, but when I’m on the couch laying lazily, the iPad is perfect.

I watch videos on it all the time, particularly Youtube, Netflix, and ABC’s application with their shows in it. Since I have no cable anymore I thought it’d be a great idea to buy the Apple iPad Dock connector to VGA adapter, which I can use to hook the iPad into my 47inch Vizio TV. I used to do this with my laptop and loved it, so why not use the iPad? It’s easier to use, cooler on my coffee table, and it’s not as clunky and clumsy as my laptop when I haul it around.

I was so excited buying the connector for $29. An amazing price for something that I can do so much with. But I was so disappointed when I got home. Here are the reasons why:

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The iPad Will Support Flash (one day)

Apple Vs FlashUsers that own the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad know the limitations as well as the endless application of their gadgets. I’m not going to write about that (there’s enough about that on the internet). I’m here to offer an opinion on an issue that’s been coming up every now and then. The issue is that Safari on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad does not support the Flash player.

The internet is full of flash based websites. Games, animations, applications, and interactive sites are created in a rich media that is visually stunning with endless possibilities for designers. Flash is rising in popularity and continues to grow now that it’s under Adobe.

Apple is clamping down on their support for Flash. The claim it’s due to security reasons that Adobe has to fix in their Flash product.

I think that’s bullshit. and here’s why Read more of this post

Google Buzz – Why stay connected?

Another failed Google product like Wave? Time will tell.

Internet users beware. You’re turning into an all-the-time-connected person stuck on your computer at work, at home, on your phone, everywhere you go. People update their Facebook statuses by the minute. Other people seem Twitter

happy because their lives are so freaking entertaining, because I REALLY want to know that the “cookies in the oven are done!”, or that you’re “sitting at McDonalds eating”.

Why are we so connected? Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and now Google Buzz.

Google Buzz is entering an already established social media platform with the promise that you’ll be able to share your photos, statuses, videos, and even… oh my god… conversations?

You mean we can do exactly the same thing we’ve been doing on Facebook for a while now? You mean that Google will finally give us a place where we can poke friends, get lost in a maze of privacy settings, have people we don’t like look at our stuff, and cause drama between friends because Sally didn’t invite Mark to her party?

Yes, that’s what it seems like. People will jump on the bandwagon, and will attempt to make use of it, and Google will hope that it will get a piece of the internet community stripping it away from Facebook. Read more of this post