Everyday we see so much crap on the internet. This stuff can be annoying, entertaining, are just plain wrong. We’re not here to make a niche out of funny pictures of cats with crazy captions (you know what site I’m talking about).

In the fast paced world of the internet, we’re always quick to judge, so expect no real work from us in our blog.

We look at a site, a product, or a link, and we already have an opinion about it in the first 5 seconds. On Intercrap we’re posting our ideas and thoughts about the crappy internet. Gadgets, toys, social networks, cheesy sites, pictures, music, videos. Crap is crap.

So you may ask us… what is it that differentiates us from the rest of all the other sites that have something similar? Our name… Intercrap. Because the internet deserves a place called Intercrap.

Thank you (applause and cheering as a standing ovation starts to form)… Thank you… (bowing now in my super awesome maestro tux)

www.theintercrap.com (intercrap.wordpress.com)
is based out of Washington D.C.
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