BP Will Be The Future Leader In Offshore Drilling

BP - The future of offshore drilling?

As of today, it’s known that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill caused by the offshore drilling by BP is one of the worst of it’s kind to date, or the worst of it’s kind that has been reported as widely to the public. It has affected the environment on land and water, and thousands of people who have been severely affected economically. Fishermen, hotels, resorts,business owners, and home owners have all suffered from this. BP has launched a large coordinated response effort to respond to this crisis on multiple levels.

BP is in the spot light and they’re an easy target for anyone that wants to take a stab at big oil companies and their practices.

There’s another side in my opinion that may be overlooked. BP has the opportunity to be the future leader in offshore drilling. This is how I believe they’ll become that…

The Obama administration is proposing to allow drilling for oil and natural gas along the Atlantic coastline, eastern Gulf of Mexico, and the north coast of Alaska. People will fight this using BP as an example. The idea of oil spills happening that cannot be contained is just too frightening for some people, and for politicians can win votes.

The Hive - a BP monitoring station

This is where BP is going to come out on top. This oil spill will be contained one way or the other. Unlike the Russian solution to nuke an oil leak, BP is currently going through a smarter way to contain the leak, preserve the oil, and possibly continue to collect it. When they succeed (and they will succeed), they will be the first company in history, with wide visibility by everyone in this world that has the capablity and expertise in containing oil using a wide array of technologies that are incorporated into these “Oil Caps” that they created. If it’s successful enough, they might even create a standard for offshore oil drilling, and use this to their advantage.

From now on, when BP goes to do offshore drilling anywhere in the world, it can claim that they are able to contain an oil leak in a specified amount of time, minimizing damage, spill, and environmental effects. This is the first time they’re doing this. The second time it happens, a cap will be in place in no time.

Other oil companies will have a disadvantage. What have they done to ensure that they are able to contain leaks? Do they have a tested system in place? No. Guess who does have a tested system and will continue to improve on it in the future? BP.

BP can now approach the Obama administration, and other governments (Saudi arabia, Kuwait, Dubai) to gain contracts using their new found tested safety and backup mechanisms as a way to lure people in.

Will BP set the bar for oil spill containment?

I believe that BP will be a leader in offshore drilling. Not because they are the best, but because they’ll be able to convince the people in charge that they are the only ones with the proven capability to contain leaks using effective tested technology and methods as opposed to the other companies.

BP’s reputation will  forever be tarnished by this oil spill, but they have a chance to come back on top and continue to be a successful company despite this setback for them. Unfortunately they have caused pain for thousands of people who are suffering from their actions and I hope that they process all the claims submitted by the affected people fairly to alleviate their pain in this time of crisis.

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