Inception – A Review and Spoilers (We explain what the ending means)

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SPOILER ALERT!If you plan on watching Inception, I wouldn’t read any further because this might ruin a piece for you.

Last night, Inception came out. Directed by Christopher Nolan (from Batman), and includes a cast of some pretty awesome characters (click here for a full list at IMDB).

It’s a movie that has a great idea, great directing, and great acting. The idea of inception is pretty simple; people (Leonardo Di Caprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) go into other people’s dreams to steal important information. Things get complicated when they have to do a job that is impossible. Things start to get confusing, convoluted, and complicated for the characters in the movie, and for the movie goers, it can feel that you’re almost overwhelmed by it at some points, but Director Christopher Nolan does a great job in translating all this craziness on the screen that with the exception of some minor points, you’re pretty much on track with what’s going and not asking yourself (or the people around) “What the hell is going on?!?”.

These are some things I loved about the movie:

  • Directing: Christopher Nolan does a great job bringing an action packed, well implemented movie that you can follow.
  • The special effects: The effects are pretty good in this movie. From the creation of worlds in dreams and the no-gravity fight sequence, it was all fun to watch.
  • Inception Image

    Gordon-Levitt has an amazing performance as DiCaprio's sidekick

    The Acting: Everyone in this movie was enjoyable to watch. Sometimes the acting felt dry, but the movie was so good, you can’t care about that. There’s not a single person in this movie that you’ll end up hating.

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I keep calling him the kid from the show “Third Rock From the Sun”. Gordon-Levitt is an amazing actor and I would love to see him in more action packed movies. His scene in the no-gravity fight in the hotel was lots of fun and kept you at the edge of your seat. He is going to have an amazing career ahead of him.
  • The music: Pretty intense throughout. During the opening sequence, it felt like I was going to watch Batman, The Dark Knight again. I guess that’s the kind of score that Nolan likes to pick.
  • The plot: Complicated and fun. Smart, action packed, and easy to follow.

The Ending

Now here’s the main spoiler alert and how we think the movie ended:

  • At the end of the movie, Cobb (DiCaprio) is left in the 4th level of dream with his wife. Saito (Wattanabee) is dead and is stuck in limbo, and Cobb says frantically that he needs to stay to find Saito to bring him back, because if he doesn’t, he’ll never get a chance to see his children again.
  • What happens next is that we see everyone wake up in the plane, and the mission is a success. Hooray! This is all exciting stuff, but we’re left wondering “How did Cobb get back, and how did he find Saito?”
  • We’re then flashed back to the first opening scene where Cobb meets a really old Saito in an attempt to bring him back by taking a “leap of faith”. We don’t see what this leap of faith is, but it probably means that they need to kill themselves like Cobb’s wife did to escape the dream world.
  • What happens next is we see Cobb going home to America, and finally seeing his kids. He twirls his anchor, and it stays twirling on the table and we never get to figure out if he made it out of the dream or not. Fade to black! FADE TO BLACK??? So what happened?
  • This is what I think happened. Cobb and Saito are now left in the dream world in Limbo. What seems like minutes, could be years, and they’re still sleeping on the plane. Cobb finds Saito and asks him to trust him with the leap of faith. I believe that Cobb and Saito kill themselves, and Cobb further puts himself in limbo, which he never gets out of.
  • How did we reach the conclusion that Cobb is still in limbo? When he sees his kids, throughout the movie, he has the memory of them built in his dream world playing in the grass. They always run away. That’s the last remaining memory he has for them. When he sees them when he “successfully” returns to America, they’re wearing the same clothes as they previously did in all his dream projections. They’re also in the grass playing in the same way they played in prior scenes (the hotel, his own dream). He took his last memory with them and decided to live a happy life in limbo with the illusion that he succeeded and going home.
  • Is this an open ending? Possibly, but this is my interpretation of what happened in the end since we got the crazy “FADE TO BLACK” that just leaves you wondering what happened.
  • After the collective sigh by the whole movie theater, I think that everyone left that movie excited about it, needing to talk about it, and enjoying it.

If you reached this point while reading, then I pretty much spoiled a part of the movie for you, but still, its’ worth watching. It has so much to offer in terms of enjoyment.

Tell us what you think about how the movie ended? What was your impression of it?

4 Responses to Inception – A Review and Spoilers (We explain what the ending means)

  1. roulettetrick says:

    Great idea, thanks for this post!

  2. Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

  3. Jessica says:

    That is not what happened to me at least….Ive watched the movie 12 times now let me repeat 12 and i left asking the same question i left asking the first time :was he awake: or :was he still dreaming: well the 12th and last time i went to go see the movie in almost ever scene there is a shot of leonardo dicaprios hand…when he is DREAMING he has a wedding ring on When he is NOT DREAMING he does not have a wedding ring on at the end of the film he does not have a wedding ring on and they also chose different actors for the children at the end. Everyone focused on the top as did i but the top was really his wifes way of telling if she was dreaming or if it was reality…so no he was not dreaming at the end go watch it agian and dont put so much focus on the top and what did and didnt happen focus on detail.

  4. Jessica says:

    remember its supposed to leave you wondering!

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