I Don’t Want Exercise!

I have an issue with Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

Since the Wii came out, and nowadays the Playstation Motion, and Microsofts Natal, I’ve formed an opinion about them all. The Wii was a gimmick. Something new, something fun, something cool. The Wii let you flail your arms, rotate your wrists and do all sorts of things with it that you couldn’t do before. Then, this magical motion control started to wear off for me. I started to get tired of standing up to play and swing my arms and shoot imaginary zombies.

Then Playstation and Microsoft saw this and needed something like that to tap into this brand new niche market that Nintendo carved out. They both went off to develop the Playstation Motion and the Natal. More gimmicks to make you get off the couch and “exercise” or do something with your body that you’re not used to doing.

You know, I don’t really want to be a boxer. I don’t want to be a tennis player. I don’t want to rotate my arms lift my legs, do yoga poses, or kick imaginary soccer balls into an imaginary goal (That’s you I’m talking about Natal). As a matter of fact, I don’t want to do anything that requires any physical effort.

The reason is that when I play a game, I play it to relax. I play so I can sit on my couch and not do anything. To feel comfortable. To be cozy on my couch as I sit down twiddling my thumbs while I shoot the aliens that are trying to kill me. I do this because I’m out all day, I go to they gym, I’m standing sitting and doing all sorts ofstuff when I’m not playing games. So why would I want to do that when I get home? I think the technology is great. I think it’s so cool that we can do all these things that these products claim they can do, but I don’t want to.

When I was a kid, my friend would come over and say “Hey man, let’s play basketball outside”. I’d be lazy and say, “Screw that! Let’s play Sonic instead.” So we’d sit on our beanie bags, get 2 litres or Pepsi and Doritos and play. Relaxed, not sweaty, comfortable. When we were done being lazy, we spent hours outside too (I wasn’t a complete bum you know)

I’m just saying that, if you want to do something phsyical, go outside and do it. Your living room is not a playground. After this whole rant about these products though, I know myself, I’ll end up buying the Playstation Move or the Natal when they come out. I’m a sucker for new things even if I hate them initially (I’m looking at you Steve Jobs and your stupid iPad; which I own and love)

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