How Rich Are You Compared To The World?

A friend of mine emailed me this interesting link. It’s the Global Rich List. It was developed by a company in London called Poke who create interactive media. I like the idea. It’s simple, it’s straight to the point, and it puts things in perspective a little bit.

What this site does is take how much you make then it gauges how rich you are by calculating how many people in the world have more money than you have. It’s a simple calculation and you’d be surprised where you end up on the global scale.

Currently, I don’t feel rich, but I live in a nice place, I have cable, internet, gaming systems, a smart phone, drive a good car, eat in good places, and I am mostly satisfied with my needs like food, clothes, shoes, gadgets, toys, etc…

I still don’t feel rich because I’m thinking I don’t have the super amazing sports car, and I can’t fly to Milan and get on my private yacht for a weekend. Apparently, people look at me thinking they’re not rich because the don’t have a phone as expensive as mine that has a monthly fee that can probably feed a family in some poor country.

Go on the site, put in your income or even allowance if you’re a kid. See where you end up on this scale. It might give you some idea of how good you have it.

Or you if you’re a selfish prick, then you can laugh at all the unfortunate people who have nothing (you sick bastard).

Here’s the link

2 Responses to How Rich Are You Compared To The World?

  1. Todd says:

    Income does not make you rich. If you expenses are greater than your income, you are getting poorer every year.

    • intercrap says:

      I disagree. Not everyone makes the decision to put themselves in debt and spend more than they earn. A person can be poor by spending more than they earn, but at the same time there people who don’t.

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