The iPad Will Support Flash (one day)

Apple Vs FlashUsers that own the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad know the limitations as well as the endless application of their gadgets. I’m not going to write about that (there’s enough about that on the internet). I’m here to offer an opinion on an issue that’s been coming up every now and then. The issue is that Safari on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad does not support the Flash player.

The internet is full of flash based websites. Games, animations, applications, and interactive sites are created in a rich media that is visually stunning with endless possibilities for designers. Flash is rising in popularity and continues to grow now that it’s under Adobe.

Apple is clamping down on their support for Flash. The claim it’s due to security reasons that Adobe has to fix in their Flash product.

I think that’s bullshit. and here’s why

Apple has millions of users across the globe that own iPhones and iTouches and soon to be iPads. What is their incentive to open up Flash to the millions of people that own these products? I believe that they are forcing Adobe into a corner to see what incentives they can come up with in order to open their platform to Adobe. Adobe has everything to gain from this, Apple, not so much. There is NO incentive.

I believe that one day Apple will allow their products to support Flash but right now it won’t benefit them much and so there really is no hurry. The only way I can see it happening quickly is if the new smart phones support Flash which converts iPhone owners to switch phones (and phone companies) and add new customers to purchase something that isn’t an Apple product. But who am I kidding, Apple has the fanatical fans to cover it’s ass if anything goes sour cause they believe in it so much. I’m not saying I hate it, I’m just saying that there are people who love it way too much, even blindly at points.

Anyway, that’s just an opinion. Apple WILL support Flash one day. When it does, if you’re one of those talented developers who know how to make an Apple app and use Flash as well, get ready to make some serious $$$.

One Response to The iPad Will Support Flash (one day)

  1. Patrick says:

    I hope that someday it will. It’s a pain for developers to have to try and create alternate content using javascript to try to mimic what Flash does easily. Android supports Flash pretty well, so I don’t think Steve Jobs’ claims hold water. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Blackberry Playbook, Google TV, and others are supplying the content that Apple products lack.

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