SeaWorld Killer Whale Should be Put to Sleep!

Why is SeaWorld keeping their whale?

It’s a sad thing to hear when anyone loses their life doing something they love. Recently on the news we heard about an incident involving a killer whale and it’s handler Dawn Brancheau. The latest bit of news I read about this is driving me a little insane and maybe someone can help me understand this better. I read today that SeaWorld is deciding to keep the killer whale that killed Dawn Brancheau in a freak incident where she was dragged underwater. (SeaWorld to keep orca –

WHY? Why are they keeping this dangerous whale at SeaWorld? They say they’re going to change how handlers deal with the whales and prevent them from petting it. Really SeaWorld? What if this animal was a dog, a wolf, or even an Elephant? Wouldn’t those animals be put down? What gives SeaWorld the authority to determine if this whale shouldn’t be put to sleep or not?

I believe that this whale should be put to sleep. People will disagree with me on this and I know that, but you know what, this stupid whale is now involved in 3 deaths. Not 1, not 2. THREE!!! Get rid of the whale. People visiting Sea World will now visit it to look at the whale that killed three people instead of visiting a family friendly place.

Whether you agree with me or not, give some feedback. I’d appreciate it because this is just driving me up the wall and I can’t understand why this decision was made.

4 Responses to SeaWorld Killer Whale Should be Put to Sleep!

  1. Dave says:

    Put Sea World to sleep and let these sentient beings live their lives free of entertainment slavery.

  2. hank says:

    It’s a killer whale. People call it that.

    Part part of ‘killer’ do you need to be further elaborated on for you to grasp the concept?

    This is a perfect killing machine. It is wonderfully adapted to its environment. It decided to act.

    The whale did not choose to be in a circus. It was either born there or captured to be there. It is not in its natural habitat. Either leave it alone or set it free. We keep interfering in the natural world and when it backfires, somebody else has to pay the price for our mistakes.

    The idea of retribution is beyond the pale. We hurt something: deal with it. Something hurts us: drive it to extinction [which we do with or without cause anyway, no reason needed].

    The whale did not choose to be there. You don’t like what it does, deal with it.

    It’s just unconscionable and so typical for the ignorance of our age that we go to see ‘the killer whales’ but when they then actually live up to their name, they have to be put down. Does the name Kafka mean anything to you?

  3. JohnnyRebel says:

    This orca is a socially retarded and psychotic beast. The animal snapped the trainer’s neck, tore her scalp and left arm off, and broke multiple ribs. It is time to harpoon this piece of crap and have a “whale barbecue” for the park patrons.

    The reason this beast is still alive – MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ths locallity where this incident hapened should have the governmental authority to “order” this animal to be put down.

  4. cassy says:

    The whale didnt know what it did was wrong. It is a wild creature. It has been trained to entertain human, along with many other orcas. Orcas do not understand us the way we think they do. They dont really know what we are and what we want. This orca most likely just wanted to play. Like all wild animals, their way of playing is way different then our prespective of play. It doesnt know that we cant hold our breathe for 3minutes like it can. It doesn’t know that our body is more fragile then theirs. I think orcas should just be left in the wild like most animals. We don’t see Orcas capturing us and using us for fun and entertainment. These animals are abused to show and entertain us. how does that make you feel? knowing that these animals, are literally “dying” to entertain us.

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