This is How Lost Will End

Lost is what happens to you when you watch the show.

All you Lost fans, this is the biggest spoiler on the earth for you. I’m about to tell you how Lost ends. Yes. I figured it out while I was playing backgammon with my friend the bear who came to visit me for the weekend, while I was staying on a little Island off the coast of nowhere.

I’ll try to explain this as simple as I can.

Locke (the fake Locke, aka MIB) found a loophole that let him kill Jacob, and on his way to get his freedom by winning this game that never ends. We all think that Locke tipped the balance of this game and he’s on his way to win/lose the damn thing because apparently it’s been a tie for thousands of years.

Now we have this alternate universe where everyone is leading normal lives (because of the bomb that exploded in the well). Here’s the catch. That’s Jacobs Loophole. He’s not going to allow this game to end. What Jacob did was reset the balance and start a new game with the same pieces in an alternate timeline and it’s going to start aaaaall over again.

The show will end with the Alternate Timeline characters ending up on the island somehow to start this game all over again. Sort of like using the same chess pieces to start a new game. You don’t go replacing them with different pieces. You just use the same ones you have. The original timeline will end in a tie, and Jacob and MIB will play all over again in the alternate universe. The whole series of Lost will be only one of the games they played, and the show will end with us seeing that they’ve done this so many times before.

That’s it. I’m done reading the Lost blogs, I’m done looking at stupid little hints, and I’m done trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this show!!! Now I have to go to drop my friend the bear off at the airport to he can catch his flight.

One Response to This is How Lost Will End

  1. Wowedout says:

    Wow, I never thought about that one before. I’ve wondered what the purpose of this whole timeline was gonna be but now it kind of makes sense that it’s just another game waiting to happen!

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