Health Promotion Fail

Adventures in Sex City characters. Notice Captain Condom on the right.

I ran across this game called “Adventures in Sex City“. It’s an online flash game created by the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

Their goal is to “promote wellness, prevent disease and injury, and protect the public’s health through the delivery of public health programs, services & research“. That sounds pretty noble, until I saw this freaking game they created.

It’s supposed to be used to educate people about safe sex. Isn’t that just great for today’s youth? Learning something helpful while playing a game. So smart, yet the execution of this was TERRIBLE!!!

You pick from 1 of four players. I’m not kidding when I say this, one player is a virgin, the other has a small penis, the other is slut, then there’s Captain Condom.

Penis armed man. Condom light signal. Chick in high heels. What's wrong with this picture?

You fight against this bad guy by answering a series of sex related questions. Now, that all still sounds acceptable, until you see the bad guy. He has PENISES AS FOREARMS!!! What kind of health unit is this to think it would be ok to have a penis armed man that shoots ginormous angry shark-like sperm?

Just look at the picture! I’m not even going to describe it to you. My hands feel filthy enough writing a post about a man who has ginormous penises as forearms.

Click here to play this crazy game.

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