iPhones and Hot Dogs


Another opportunity for Apple to make a gazillion-billion dollars.

I was reading about how South Koreans figured out that a type of sausage can be used as a stylus for their iPhones. (South Korean iPhone users turn to Sausages as cold weather ‘meat stylus’)

How that came about, I don’t know, but it’s like slapping a hot dog on your phone and using it as a stylus. Now there’s a bunch of South Korean iPhone owners who smell like sausages after using this stylus on their phone then chatting away with their friends.

I don’t know about you guys, but this could be very very dangerous for your health. Say you’re out camping using your hot dog stylus. As your sitting their playing Extreme Sudoku you’re suddenly ATTACKED BY A BEAR! Now, unless you’re Chuck Norris, you’re screwed. The bear sees you, you toss him your delicious stylus. But wait… you have hot dog face! Bear looks at you, sees nothing but delicious hot dog tasting humans.

Of course if it was me in this situation, said bear wouldn’t dare approach, cause I’m awesome, and by eating me, the awesome balance in this world would be messed up… forever.

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