Google Buzz – Why stay connected?

Another failed Google product like Wave? Time will tell.

Internet users beware. You’re turning into an all-the-time-connected person stuck on your computer at work, at home, on your phone, everywhere you go. People update their Facebook statuses by the minute. Other people seem Twitter

happy because their lives are so freaking entertaining, because I REALLY want to know that the “cookies in the oven are done!”, or that you’re “sitting at McDonalds eating”.

Why are we so connected? Between MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and now Google Buzz.

Google Buzz is entering an already established social media platform with the promise that you’ll be able to share your photos, statuses, videos, and even… oh my god… conversations?

You mean we can do exactly the same thing we’ve been doing on Facebook for a while now? You mean that Google will finally give us a place where we can poke friends, get lost in a maze of privacy settings, have people we don’t like look at our stuff, and cause drama between friends because Sally didn’t invite Mark to her party?

Yes, that’s what it seems like. People will jump on the bandwagon, and will attempt to make use of it, and Google will hope that it will get a piece of the internet community stripping it away from Facebook.

Why? Gmail has 146 million users as of July 2009. Facebook has 400 million users. Gmail has quite a significant number of people and if they can get people to use Google Buzz instead of Facebook to stay connected, then they’re going to profit from it.


Next thing you know, someone will find a way to get your cat on Twitter

My issue is that there’s a need that’s being forced on internet users to be “connected” all the time with “real time” status updates, sharing personal info, pictures, videos all the time, and to be continuously hooked into a computer or phone with internet access. Do we really need all this? Obviously some people do. Just look at Twitter. I think that this is connectivity overkill.

If Google succeeds at this attempt to enter the social network game, good for them, but if it’s anything like Google Wave, then everyone who uses it will waste their time.

This is another thing I’m gonna call crap. Wait a minute. It’s on the internet. So it’s INTERCRAP! Yeah, I know. You’re welcome.

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