Why would you want an iPad?

This is an iPad. In case you were hiding in a cave the past month.

You wouldn’t!!!

So Steve Jobs impresses us every now and then with something super awesome. That’s great. The iPod and the 1000 versions that came out that’s smaller and slicker with their cool iPod commercials. The iPhone… Holy crap! Touch screen and a phone? Does all these like crazy things that we never got to do before. I fell for that and bought… wait for it… not 1… not 2… but 3!!!

And finally, the iPad. What the fuck was he thinking. Was there some crazy board room session where the guys at Apple sat down and brainstormed this ridiculous idea?

It looks cool. Probably feels cool, but what am I gonna do with a 9.5 inch touch screen that acts exactly like my iTouch? Absolutely nothing!!! Oh wait… you can read a book on it! Freaking brilliant! That’s just fantastic. Let me stand up on my chair and clap and give Steve a thumbs up for giving us something that’s absolutely freaking USELESS!!!

It doesn’t have flash,you can’t do 2 things at once with it, you’ll spend another $400 on apps with the hopes that you might be able to use it for something, then you’ll realize that it was a waste of money as soon as the next version comes out. Some people online complained that it didn’t have a camera. WHO FREAKING CARES!!! Can you picture yourself picking that thing up and trying to take a picture with it? Or film a video? Or even have a video chat? Here’s a picture. Pick up a book, tell your girfriend/boyfriend to pose, and act like you just snapped a picture. WOW! Did that feel great or what? I guarantee you it didn’t.

Oh, and wait, there’s talk about GAMING on the iPad? Seriously? Come on. If I spent less than

Buy a PS3 or an Xbox360 instead people. Don't waste your time with this.

the announced iPad price, I can get an Xbox360, a PS3, or a WII with extra controllers, games, and DLC! People, the iPad is NOT FOR GAMERS! if you want to play Sudoku, Scrabble, or some $9.99 stripped down version of a game, then go for it. But it’s not… and I repeat NOT for people who want to play games.

And another thing. If the iPad is an oversized iTouch… then we’re all screwed. How many times have those things slipped out of your hand and smacked on the floor? Way too many. Waaaaay to many.

I deem the iPad crap… but like most crap I own, I’m gonna end up buying one. Cause I’m a sucker. And this world is full of suckers like me that buy crap like the iPad.

Damn you Steve Jobs, how do you do it?

And to answer this posts question “Why would you want an iPad?”. Cause your’e a sucker. Just like me.

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